Professional garden mole removal services in Ammanford, Swansea and wider South Wales

Are your garden plants constantly being ruined by moles? At B Firm Pest Control Ltd, we can safely remove all moles from your South West Wales property, so that you no longer need to worry about the damage they are causing.


Description: moles are a common British mammal living almost exclusively underground, although they are capable of moving above ground and even swimming. As well as a means of transportation, the main purpose of the tunnel network is a trap for worms and other invertebrates to fall into. The mole rarely exceeds 20 cm in length (including short tail) and has very smooth dark fur, which can flex in both directions. With very poor eyesight, the mole navigates and finds food largely by picking up vibrations.

Biology: moles are typically solitary, and both sexes defend their territories vigorously, often coming together just to mate. Moles will often have just one litter per year, consisting of up to 7 young. The young are suckled for about a month and leave the nest after about 5 weeks.

Control: the gassing compound, aluminium phosphide, can be used by professionally qualified users only. Much mole work is done using a variety of traps from barrel and scissor traps to the new and highly effective talpex style.
garden moles

Garden moles can damage various areas of your property, including:

  • Turf
  • Lawns
  • Formal gardens
  • Fairways
  • Sports grounds
mole being removed

Traditional mole removal techniques

Moles are one of the biggest pests around. They can ruin your grass and plants by digging tunnels underneath them and therefore not allowing their roots the space to grow. Like with any other kind of pest control, the quicker you act, the easier and less costly the solution will be.

We control moles using only traditional techniques using traps. We also have expertise in bed bug removalGet in touch with the professionals at B Firm Pest Control Ltd today for expert garden mole removal.
For quality garden mole removal in Ammanford, Swansea and across South West Wales, call us on 
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