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Grey squirrel

Description: although now a familiar sight across much of the UK, the grey squirrel is non-native, having been first introduced from America in the late nineteenth century. It is largely blamed for the decline in populations of our native red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) although in truth, this also has as much to do with the disappearance of the red squirrels natural woodland habitat, as it does with competition. The introduced species is larger than the red squirrel, with largely grey/brown fur and a white belly.

Biology: grey squirrels are active during the day and are omnivorous, feeding on seeds, nuts, insects, bird eggs and increasingly adapting to match many of the foods that man may discard. Squirrels are well-known for their habit of hoarding food in autumn to see them through the harsh winter months. Breeding takes place in December to February, and again in March to May. The gestation period is typically between 6 to 7 weeks and on average 2 litters are produced each year, consisting of 1-8 young. The average lifespan is 8-9 years.

Control: this species is a serious pest in Britain. It is a threat to forestry land where its habit of removing tree bark is extremely damaging. In towns and cities, it can be a considerable pest by casing damage to structures and electrics in lofts, etc. The most common and successful method of control is trapping, with either live trapping or spring trapping effective. Always use traps in accordance with statutory guidelines and trapped animals must be disposed of humanely.


Description: the rabbit was thought to have been introduced to Britain by the Normans, although early remains show that some may date back to Roman times. The rabbit is now found across almost all of Western Europe. Each individual can grow up to 40 cm in length. Rabbits are distinguished from the hare by size (the hare is bigger), and the rabbit has a white tail when running, smaller hind legs and lacks the characteristic black tips found on the hare’s ears.

Biology: rabbits can reach sexual maturity in 2-3 months and have a gestation period of just 28 days. Up to 5 litters per year are possible with the average litter size being about 5.

Control: if after conducting an assessment, control is deemed necessary, there are a number of options available. Fencing (electric and wire) can be effective although it can also be costly. Gassing using aluminium phosphide (professional trained staff only) is an option as is shooting, snaring (free running noose), spring traps, ferreting, cage traps and drop traps.


Description: the fox is a carnivorous mammal of the dog family with a pointed muzzle and bushy tail, proverbial for its cunning.

Biology: foxes are small-to-medium-sized animals. They are slightly smaller than a medium-sized domestic dog, with upright triangular ears, a flattened skull, a pointed, slightly upturned snout and a long bushy tail. Unlike their dog relatives, foxes have partially retractable claws.

Control: reducing the impact of the fox relies on a mixture of control techniques comprising trapping, fencing, poison baiting and guard animals. Although all these techniques have a short-term effect on local fox numbers, an efficient way to reduce the impact of foxes is to conduct a strategic coordinated program over a number of land holdings.
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